Bainbridge Mobility Alliance is a citizen coalition dedicated to improving conditions and opportunities for walking and biking on Bainbridge Island. We think Bainbridge residents should have the choice to walk or bike for recreation and transportation - and that it should be a safe and pleasant choice. 

Please plan to join us for the 2018 Open Streets Festival on October 6, 2018.

Thanks for completing our survey!

The Bainbridge Mobility Alliance is very pleased with the rate of participation in our survey regarding Walking and Biking on Bainbridge Island, which closed on March 25, 2018. See our press release about the survey results on our Media Information page. More detailed information about the survey is available on our Resources page.

Insights from the survey will be used to support the efforts of various organizations who care about biking and walking from different perspectives: user safety and choice, health and wellness, climate change, sustainability and connection to nature.